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The World’s Largest Gold Coin

11th January

The world’s largest gold coin, weighing in at more than one tonne in weight, has recently been unveiled at the Perth Mint in Australia.

78 Gold Bars in Casino Floor

10th January

As you enter the Grand Emperor Hotel & Casino in Macau, China, you will be amazed to see the 78 authentic gold bars which are set into the floor in their entrance foyer.

About Us – How To Buy Gold

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Buy Gold With The World’s First Private Currency System

If you are looking to buy gold then you’ve come to the right place. has partnered with the world renowned Karatbars International. They are the first company in the world to introduce a brand new global gold currency system whereby you can easily and simply exchange your fiat paper money to buy gold money; (999.9 Pure 24kt Karatbar LBMA Certified Gold Bullion).

999.9 Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) Certified Pure Gold Bullion

Our marketing strategy and niche is to produce and distribute, LBMA certified, 999.9 pure gold bullion in convenient small weight denominations. This creates a new, and much more affordable, way for more people to buy gold, sell gold and own and control premium quality gold bullion. Up until now, few people could afford to do this. Our Savings Account holders have …


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Even though gold has historically always risen on average in price over the past 5,500 years; past performance offers no guarantee of future performance, even though it is very highly likely.

All views expressed herein are the personal views of and should not be misconstrued as financial advice. Before making any financial decision you should always consult your qualified financial adviser. is an independent associate of Karatbars International. The Special Offer of 1g of FREE gold is offered independently by and is not associated with Karatbars International.

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Gold History

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10th January

Gold was one of the first metals to be processed by humans

With its striking bright yellow color, it was dignified, so as an element found in nature, gold could work very well mechanically and not become corroded. Because of its durability and rarity it was very popular and has been used in many cultures, especially for ritual and adornment objects.

The reclamation of gold from the earth probably began in the Bronze Age. The lightweight base compounds alloyed with many metals, the melting temperatures moderate and the favorable properties of the alloys made gold very attractive as a material.

Dates in the Bulgarian Varna show the discovery of gold in 4500 BC. In Central Europe gold objects from the second millennium BC have been found. Famous examples are the gold in the Schifferstadt golden hat and in the sky disc of Nebra.

The …

Gold Saver Plan

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Open Your 24KT GOLD Savings Plan Today

Deciding to start your own gold savings plan is a very wise and prudent decision. Thankfully, with, you no longer have to be an expert on gold, or a very wealthy investor, to enjoy the many great benefits associated with saving in gold.

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Our Gold Purchasing Plan is a medium to long term savings strategy, specifically designed to progressively build up your savings of gold through your monthly purchases. One of the great benefits of our monthly savings plan is that it very …

Gold News

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From Our Gold Blog

Here are the top three news stories from around the world, featured in our Gold Blog. Be sure to bookmark this site and check back here often if you are interested in gold.

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